Water, as it should be...

Structured water is gaining more and more attention, thanks also to the work of renowned scientists, whose studies are discovering water beyond its role of ideal solvent in which science and chemistry particularly relegated it so far.
It has been only in the last years that studies found the important role of structured water for life. Water in our bodies is structured water, we depend on it for our health, so it is very important that we constantly replenish it.
Our infinity Water Chargers devices structure water through whirling, pressure, magnetic fields and infrared fields. The result is a highly bioavailable water for humans, animals and plants

The Highest Frequency

We can measure the qualitative aspect of an object with the Lecher Antenna.
Multiple measurements made by different physicians gave all the same result: water that runs through the Infinity Water Chargers brings the highest frequency and keeps it for many days.

A picture is worth a thousand words

We put an egg yolk in a jar full of charged water and another one in a jar full of normal tap water. We want to see how water vitality works.

Day 1

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This is how they look after one week. The vitality of the "charged" water kept the yolk integer, while the yolk in tap water decomposed completely.

Day 7

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We are made of the water we drink, our cells ask for the electrons available in the water we bath in, we deserve a high quality water.
Next time you drink a glass of water, remember you are drinking a little bit of yourself.
Next time you bath, you are not only washing your skin, you are recharging the batteries of your cells.
Suggested Uses:
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Drinking & Cooking
Drinking is the easiest way to benefit of the revitalized water pouring out the Infinity Water Chargers. Use it to prepare your coffee, tea, your everyday meals. Drink a minimum of 2 litres of revitalised water a day. Start in the morning by drinking several glasses of revitalised water on an empty stomach. As there are no side effects to water drinking, you may safely drink larger quantities.
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Probably the best way to absorb the electrons contained in the revitalized water is taking long baths. Check yourself how you will feel regenerated after getting out of the tub! Also, we received feedbacks from many users who have stopped applying hydration creams since using our chargers. Enjoy a 2-hour bath in pure revitalised water (without any additives) at least once a week. This will purify and refreshen your body, detoxifying the body of free radicals and replenishing your body with energy. Observe the purity of the water before you enter the bathtub, and the impurities which may later accumulate on the bathtub walls. Those without a bathtub may wrap themselves up in a wet towel from their armpits to their lower limbs after having soaked the towel in revitalised water for an hour or two, after having rinsed it and having squeezed out all the excess water. Wear the towel for as long as possible.
Leg and feet soaking: Soak your legs all the way to your knees in a large water container on a daily basis. As the force of attraction causes the accumulation of free radicals in the legs, soaking efficiently detoxifies the body. This daily ritual will bring you the pleasure of walking lightly, while lumps and calluses will slowly disappear.
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Oral rinsing
Mouthwashing, specially in the morning when you wake up, is a good habit. Start using your revitalized water and you will notice how your gums will be healthier and eventual ulcers will heal quickly. Rinse your mouth with revitalised water at least 7 times every morning.Each time, keep the water in your mouth for 30 seconds. With your toothbrush or a tongue cleanser remove the bacteria which have accumulated during the sleep on the tongue root and in the oral cavity under the tongue.
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Nasal rinsing
Nasal rinsing is a good practice to prevent cold and breath well.
Doing it with charged water will help recovering and preventing sinus infections. Rinse your nostrils with revitalised water 7 times every morning. Pour the water into your hands and breathe it into both the nostrils. Make sure you only breathe in water without air. Then, without hesitation, block one of the nostrils and breath out the water from the other nostril. Repeat the same procedure with the other nostril. In this way, you will effectively and thoroughly clean your sinus paths.
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Swimming pools & Spa
If you have a pool in the garden or a Jacuzzi, you can enjoy it even more filling it with revitalized water. Plus, the anti bacterial effect of the Infinity Water Chargers will let you reduce dramatically the use of chlorine and anti-algae product.
Your health, the environment and your wallet will thank you!
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If you do it, your best friends should drink the revitalized water, too!
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Gardening & Agriculture
Start watering your plants with the revitalized water, you will notice an improved health, a bigger growth and cut flowers will last longer.
If you are a farmer, consider using the IMH model specifically designed for agricultural use.
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A totally new concept to get rid of mosquitoes!
Mosquitoes don't like the high frequency of the water running our of the Infinity Water Chargers. If you water your garden and your plants with charged water, besides having a flourishing garden, the soil will be soaked with high frequency water, an environment where mosquitoes won't hatch anymore. To do that you will need to pair an Infinity Water Charger with the Mosquitoes Repellant Module.
We suggest to start watering the garden a few months before the warm season, to give time to the soil to raise its frequency.
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Animal Farming
Field tests made on cattle in Italy showed an important decrease in the use of antibiotics and a better meat or milk production. Contact us to receive more details on this topic.
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Fish ponds & Aquariums
Are you a fish lover? Fill the fish tank with revitalized water and your fish will say thank you (not sure how they will say it, though)!
Different models to adapt to your needs
Whether you need a charger for your kitchen sink or for your entire house, or you want it with you when traveling, you can find the solution that better fits your needs.

We want you to shop with confidence. By our experience we know that everybody has a different perception of the Infinity Water Chargers effects. For this reason we invite you to contact us if you have questions and you are unsure on how to use them. Plus, we offer a 90 days money back guarantee.