Water, as it should be...

Water is the most available molecule on the planet and in our bodies. But how much do we really know about it? We discovered only a few years ago that water can be charged with light, just as a solar battery. On the same way, only recently scientists found that water can memorize information, just as a computer.
Water is letting us make continuous discoveries and finally also the academic circles of the scientific research are changing approach to this precious molecule, stopping seeing it only as a solvent in which diluting the “active principles”.
Scientists start looking at water as a substance with proper and unrepeatable properties, able of functions that we are just starting to understand.
Human body is made of water for 60-70% of its mass. But a recent discovery showed that in our tissues water is not all H2O. Prof. Glibert Linge first, followed by prof. Gerald Pollack found that there are 2 different kind of water in human body: classical H2O as we know it and H2O3, endogenous water.
This last kind of water, that prof. Pollack named EZ water (exclusion zone water), is particularly found inside the cells in form of gel with some peculiarities: it is more dense, more alkaline, its optical properties are different and it brings a negative charge, while H2O is known as neutral.
Our Infinity Water Chargers work on the electromagnetic tension and on the molecule water clusters. The Chargers are able to reduce the size of the clusters (clusters are created because of the reciprocal attractions of molecules) offering a water which is structured and energized.
Our Infinity Water Chargers structure water just as reported in the scientific publication "STRUCTURED WATER: AN EXCITING NEW FIELD IN WATER SCIENCE" (Dubey P.K.*, Neethu T.M. and Kaswala A.R., International Journal of Agriculture Sciences):

Conversion of ordinary water to structured water
Ordinary water can be converted into structured water by one of the following methods:
- By running it through or over some obstructions, such as smooth pebbles creating eddies/vortex
- Put water container in proximity of the magnet.
- By swirling the water in a container
- By clamping magnets on to the pipes conducting water "

Water in nature is subject to whirling, vortexes, it gets in contact with different layers of minerals running through the soil depths; in the same way water passing through the Infinity Water Chargers swirls and gets in touch with different minerals under a magnetic field.
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