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Shipping Information
Most shipments are shipped by Fedex. All packages are shipped within 3 business days of order receipt. Our shipping partner is normally able to deliver in all continental US withing 48-72 hours.
Even if the sale cost is already inclusive of the shipping costs, please be advised that we are not responsible for taxes and/or duties or any brokerage and/or delivery fees applied to international shipments. Also, we strongly recommend that you contact your customs office to thoroughly inquire about import regulations before placing your order, as we will not be liable for packages refused or held for delivery.
We do ship to the following countries:
United States, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brasil, Costarica, Honduras, China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.
International Terms and Disclosure
Please check with your country's customs office regarding the import of the products you wish to order. As the buyer, you are responsible for any import restrictions, prohibited import items, taxes, tariffs, fees and other duties.
You are responsible for complying with international, national or local laws regulating the importation of products that you may purchase. You are solely responsible for any taxes, duties, levies, fees and/or any other expenses related to importing the products you order. If the shipment is abandoned or discarded by customs, you will not receive a refund or credit of any kind.
By ordering you agree to these terms.
Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us at: info@infinitywaterchargers.com